The MESO difference powered by YARDZ


Drive down overall maintenance costs


Reduce risks of fines


Increase safety of your fleet


Increase team productivity


Consolidate applications into one


Over 60 integrations

Best-In-Class Telematics

The MESO power by YARDZ telematics drives results and delivers outcomes of team efficiency, more reliable assets, and real ROI.

Data from all sources

No more need to log into all your different telematics portals. With YARDZ you can pull all your data into one single location to make the decisions you need to make faster.

Alerts & Notifications

Get alerts on events like low battery voltage, movement after hours, exiting of geofences or even safety concerns such as speeding, harsh maneuvers, accidents and seat belt usage.


Set up geofences on all your projects and equipment yards so that telemetry data can automatically update current location and location history, as well as create logistic events.

Maintenance Tracking

Have your tracking devices update the operating hour and mileage meter on assets, triggering regular and preventative maintenance events.

Utilization Reports

Instantly know which assets are under or over-utilized to make the right choices while running your jobs.

Fault Code Reporting

For those trackers that are reading from the computer on your assets, any fault code reporting is passed into your single all-assets maintenance portal with YARDZ.

Maintenance Features Include

Industry Leading Maintenance Schedules

The most advanced in maintenance schedule capabilities, the M.E.S.O. system gives the greatest flexibility in how you create schedules for your assets. 

  • Set Intervals Based on:
    • Pre-Set Intervals
    • Upon Completion of Previous
  • Use Simultaneous Triggers on the Same Schedule:
    • Days
    • Miles
    • Hours
  • Add Tasks Lists
  • Add Document and Files
  • Set Priority Levels
  • Add Team Members for Notifications
  • Create Categories for Data Management

Cutting-Edge Work Orders

Work Orders should drive good behavior, provide better data and create efficiency for teams.  The M.E.S.O. Work Order system does exactly that through intuitive workflow, ease of documentation and automated communication.

  • Photo & File Attachments
  • Inspection Forms
  • Notes
  • Tasks List
  • Work Order List Based on Location Radius
  • Activity Logs
  • Status Management
  • Priority Management
  • Advanced Filtering of Data

Industry Leading Asset Management Options

Logistics & Dispatch

Say goodbye to your whiteboards or outdated Excel logs that are currently managing your logistics.   With YARDZ, all your schedules, all your drivers, all your moves are managed with ease.

Electronic Inspections

With Inspection Forms, your team can perform daily inspections, make fuel delivery entries, update asset locations, and more.

Job Costing

As asset move from project to project, whether manually or through telematics geofence, capture the cost of your assets and tools in an intuitive system that creates work periods and allows for managers to review, approve or decline costs that hit their project.

Utilization Reporting

Know what’s being used and when to ensure that equipment is not sitting and the ones that are get moved to projects that need them.

Rental Equipment Automation

Built for the Renter, our online Rental Management System automates the rental process for you, giving you control and saving you time, while increasing your bottom line.

Tool Management & Check-Out

Know who has what tool or asset and when it’s scheduled to be returned.   Whether you have a tool cage or are assigning company trucks to your employees, Tool Checkout with YARDZ increases accountability and visibility.


With all your assets rented and owned in a single portal, reports do not have to be pieced together.   Quickly find what you are looking for.

Project Management

Load all your projects in YARDZ to manage rental spend budget, project team members, location, business units, geofences and more.

Team Management

YARDZ is more than just asset management; it is a team collaboration tool.   Add your team members to so they can be assigned to assets, perform inspections, selected as drivers, manage files, and run reports.